Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pizza Restauarant in Louisville

Attention ALL Fellow PIZZA Lovers.....

Try the newest & best pizza restaurant in Louisville.

DiOrio's Pizza & Pub opened their doors a few months ago in St. Matthews. During games it is packed with singles & families all wearing their favorite team shirt. On Friday night it's crawling with families eating their fix of pizza for the week. Expect to wait...but believe me, it's worth it.

Enjoy true New York style pizza with family and friends. Get pizza by the slice or make your own all the way up to a 30" (but you had better have A LOT of friends to help eat it!)

Cooked in their wood burning pizza oven, your mouth will water just waiting to eat. Make sure to order a large Coca Cola or my choice, a Falls City beer.

If you just want an appetizer & drinks....try the garlic bread sticks.
They are the best I've ever had anywhere.

If you go, just don't go on Friday night! That's when I'm there...ok?!

310 Wallace Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Mon-Thurs 11a-12a
Fri - Sat 11a-4a
Sat 11a-12a

Di Orios!

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