Monday, October 24, 2011

Norton Commons

A Neighborhood of Perfection

Many of you know and have visited Norton Commons sometime since the development started, but I recommend you take another trip back to see how it's changed. The Worthington Fire Department has built a station within the vicinity of the development. You are sure to take a look when driving past the community as the "old world" look to the homes grabs your attention immediately. Imagine owning a boutique and living above it. Instead of some old, worn down building like some you may find in downtown Louisville, you have a brand new loft condominium upstairs that may even take up two or three floors. Enjoy a drink on the rooftop, cook dinner in your state of the art kitchen, walk on your heated bathroom floors, or sit in your cozy family room.
This craftsman style development brings in some home features from the north, but with the charm of the south with the large wrap around porches. Let your kids walk to their school that is situated within the neighborhood while you go to yoga classes. Go on a double date with your husband to one of the numerous restaurants. Meet a girlfriend for a beer at the pub. Take the dog on a walk up to the Farmer's Market for fresh veggies or stop in on a warm afternoon and treat yourself to some Italian gelato.

Some opinions of this neighborhood were that of skepticism when it first came about, but now that more people are seeing it blossom with restaurants, boutiques, and it's neighborly atmosphere; there is more excitement and desire to find a home in Norton Commons. In fact, many of the homes are selling in a reasonable amount of time because of the attraction to this neighborhood.
For those who have ever been to Seaside, Florida this development provides that same feel. A perfect community with everything you need within it's surroundings. A safe environment where you might not have to worry if you locked the door on your way out. A place with fun activities that bring out all of the families and kids. A farmers market in the summer to get fresh fruits and veggies. When you live here, you are living not only in a home, but in a true community. People buy into this neighborhood for the lifestyle that it gives and the feelings that it imposes on them and their families.
With Homearama 2011 held at Norton Commons, many people saw the "old style, traditional neighborhood" appeal with all the new modern amenities we love in a home!
Am I saying all of these things about the community because I live there? No. I am an outsider looking in. Dreaming of living in one of few perfect communities that exists anywhere. I can imagine myself all dressed up with my cherry red heels and apron pulling an apple pie out of the oven, cooked to perfection of course.

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