Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finding Your Dream Home



November 3, 2009---You may think that you are not picky on what you want in a home, but I bet you do have certain criteria that will determine the home you ultimately decide upon. Go ahead, be picky! After all, it is one of the largest purchases you ever make in your life. Real estate is ALWAYS a good investment if you are planning on living somewhere at least 5 years. Otherwise, you should rent.

Answer these questions:
  1. What area(s) of town do I like best?
  2. How much do I care about living close to work or school?
  3. Do I need to live close to the interstate or expressways?
  4. Do I want to live within a specific neighborhood?
  5. Do I have a preference on construction: brick, vinyl, stucco exteriors?
  6. How many bedrooms do I want at a minimum?
  7. How many full bathrooms do I want at a minimum?
  8. Do I want a newer construction home with all the amenities or a charming older home?
  9. Do I like traditional two-story, ranch, tri-level, shotgun or contemporary style homes?
  10. Do I need a basement?
  11. Do I care if it is unfinished, partially finished, or fully finished? Walkout?
  12. Will I be ok with a laundry in the basement or do I need it on the 1st floor?
  13. Do I need a garage or will I be ok with parking on the street or in the driveway?
  14. What type of garage? 1 car, 2 car, 3 car, attached, detached?
  15. Do I need some yard for kids, gardening, etc. or is a condo/patio home a better choice for my lifestyle?

Now, take that list and read over your wish list. Are all of your answers possible to find in a home within the price range that you are looking to buy? Maybe you know that one of your answers is more of a "bonus" feature versus a "must-have". An in-ground pool would be nice to have for guests and kids, but it is probably not a necessity in your next home.

Pick out the features that you absolutely will not compromise on. Now send this list to your Realtor. It will help them to narrow down your search and send you the homes that best fit your wants & needs. You should still tell your Realtor what bonus features you would love to have, that way they can send you any listings that come on the market containing these dream home desires.

You may not find a home that has every single feature you originally set out to find, but you will love it all the same!

Melissa Simms
Realtor @ RE/MAX Associates
Louisville, Kentucky
Email: MelissaSimms@remax.net

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