Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selling During the Holidays


November 12, 2009

The $8,000 tax credit was extended until April 30, 2010. There is also a $6,500 tax credit being offered to current home owners who have lived in their homes for 5 consecutive years out of the last 8 years. This tax incentive will bring out SERIOUS buyers who will be shopping for houses; not shoes.

Interest rates are at record lows. They aren't going to stay this low forever. Someone getting a 30 year fixed rate mortgage could get a loan around 5%. Historically, rates were up to 18% in the 1980's. Smart buyers will be finding a place to call home so that they can lock in a mortgage at these incredibly attractive rates.

Some seller's will take their home off the market during the holidays so they aren't bothered with showings. If most sellers are taking their ome off the market, why would YOU want to? Don't follow the crowd; let your home stand out to buyers with fewer homes to compete against.

The smell of delectable desserts, classic carols on the surround sound, trees with the glow from tiny lights, and the fireplace flickering in the family room; everyone loves to feel that peaceful, inviting atmosphere that showcases a home. Also, your home will already be in tip top shape, clean as a whistle and de-cluttered for your parties or open houses' anyways!

Some local neighborhoods are known for their extravagant Christmas light displays. Car after car they visit neighborhoods, such as Lake Forest, to admire the beauty of these lights. No gaudy decorations (i.e inflatable snow globes); we are talking simply lit landscaping, a nice wreath on the front door and maybe some lit Christmas trees shining through the window. What's better to a buyer than pulling up to a classic, simple, elegantly lit home that just so happens to also be for sale?! It will make an irreversible impression.

People that are looking during this time of year are serious buyers. These buyers are not taking a few months off from looking for their next home. They need a home, want a home and will buy a home; whether it's yours or not. Buyers that are just "kickin' tires", will stop looking since they aren't actually planning on buying in the near future anyways.

Maybe you go out of town every Christmas to visit family. Great! Then your home is already clean without the everyday build up of junk. With your family out of town your Realtor will also be able to work with buyers and buyer's agents on their schedules for showing times. People tend to get more days off this time of year, so they have more flexibility in their schedules. There might be days where you absolutely can not show your home. Fine! People will understand. Just try to get them in soon after while they retain interest in seeing your home.

Melissa Simms
Realtor @ RE/MAX Associates
Louisville, Kentucky

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